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Events, Talks, Demos and Presentations

  • 30 Sept 2015: Project presentation, ETP4HPC, Rome [presentation]
  • 20 Jan 2016: Poster presentation, HiPEAC 2016, Prague [poster]
  • 15-17 March 2016: Booth excibition, DATE 2016, Dresden [link]
  • 10 May 2016: EXDCI workshop, 2016, Prague [link]
  • 11 May 2016: Poster Presentation, Pracedays16, 2016, Prague [link]
  • 12 May 2016: ETP4HPC ESD workshop, 2016, Prague [link]
  • 19 Sep 2016: EuroEXA workshop, Trieste
  • 7 Nov 2016: EuroEXA workshop, HiPEAC CSW, Dublin
  • 24 Jan 2017: NEXT (Novel EXascale computing system Technologies), Stockholm
  • 25 Jan 2017: HiPEAC conference, Stockholm
  • 17 March 2017: Joint ECOSCALE-ExaNeSt workshop, Rome
  • 29 March 2017: DATE 2017, Lausanne
  • 16 March 2017: Pracedays 17, Barcelona
  • 27 March 2017: EU-HPC workshop, HiPEAC CSW, Zagreb
  • 13 Sept 2017: High Performance Digital Systems and Applications Conference, Warwick UK
  • 22 Jan 2018: ECOSCALE ExaNeSt, ExaNoDe, EuroEXA ExascaleHPC workshop, HiPEAC conference, Manchester UK
  • 19 Jan 2018: DATE 2018, Dresden Germany
  • 24 Jan 2018: WRC 2018, Manchester UK
  • 28 May 2018: ECOSCALE, ExaNeSt, ExaNoDe, EuroEXA workshop, HPC Summit Week, Ljubljana


Contract Info

Contract Number: 671632


- Starting date: 01/10/2015

- Duration: 36 months


- Total cost: €4.237.000

- Funding: €4.237.000

Seventh Framework Programme